The Vacant Properties Program (VPP) is modeled after the successful Boarded and Vacant Program. The program is designed to return vacant and blighted homes to owner occupancy by partnering with local builders and non-profits in targeted areas of the City and County. The program provides a developer incentive fee to be paid after homes are rehabilitated and sold to owner-occupants.
The VPP requires that the builder/non-profit purchase a foreclosed property in the Target Areas and submit their qualifications and scope of work for the rehabilitation. Following approval of their qualifications and based upon an agreed scope of work, including the SHRA Existing Homes Checklist, the builder can then access a rehabilitation loan. The loan is disbursed upon verification of the work performed with a 10 percent retention remaining until such time all work has been completed. The developer fee will be disbursed at the close of escrow when an eligible homebuyer has purchased the property.

Eligible Properties

The eligibility of properties for funding under the Vacant Properties Program is based strictly upon program requirements and the specific funding source (NSP1 or NSP3) which is used to rehabilitate the property.  If you are a developer participating in the Vacant Properties Program, it is strongly advised that you confirm eligibility of specific properties with SHRA staff prior to acquisition.  

Please Note:  At this time, the Vacant Properties Program is operating solely in the County of Sacramento under both NSP1 and NSP3.  Properties located in the City of Sacramento will not be accepted into the program, regardless of being located within the approved Target Areas.

To determine if a specific property is located within the approved NSP1 or NSP3 Target Areas, please visit the County of Sacramento General Map Viewer by clicking on the weblink below.  After entering the specific property address, Assessor Parcel Number or street name, click on the submit button.  Once results are returned, scroll down the menu located to the right of the screen until you reach "Redevelopment Agency Information." 


Additional Information

Fact Sheet (REV 2/16/11)) 
Target Areas  
Preferred Builder Handbook (REV. 5.4.11) (PDF) 
Construction Standards (REV. 5.1.09) (PDF)
VPP Income Limits (PDF)
FAQs (REV. 4/18/11) (PDF)

Preferred Builder Application (PDF)
Return applications to:
Vacant Properties Program
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
801 12th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Contact the Sacramento NSP at (916) 440-1318 or email SacramentoNSP@shra.org.

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