SHRA is required to publicize various notices and other information for the public. Below is a list of notices to the public. 

Public Hearings

Rio Linda Bridge 8-Step 1st Notice

2017 PHA Plan Public Hearing Notice

Park Property Transfer Public Notice


Public Notices

2017 Mid-Year Action Plan

2017 CDBG NOFA Pre-Application

2016 CAPER Public Notice

Notice of Community Meetings for Homeless Preference in Subsidized Housing

Notice of Public Hearing and Comment Period for Homeless Preference in Subsidized Housing

Bel-Vue Public Notice

3605 Rio Linda Blvd and 810 Ronaoke-Public Notice, Draft Narrative and ABCA

3609 (3611) and 3633 Rio Linda Blvd-Public Notice, Draft Narrative and ABCA

3637 Rio Linda Blvd-Public Notice, Draft Narrative and ABCA

Combined Public Notice and ABCA - Rio Linda Superblock

County NSP Close Out Public Notice

2017 Action Plan Public Notice

Courtyard Inn Redevelopment TOD Project Combined FONSI-NOIRROF-NOIA Notice

Walnut Grove ADA Restroom Combined Notice

Midtown Street Lighting Combined Notice

2016 Mid Year Action Plan Public Notice

CAPER Public Notice

Lavender Courtyard FONSI-NOIRROF

Notice of Draft EPA Brownfields Cleanup Grant Proposal for the 3600 Block of Rio Linda Boulevard

Ethan Terrace Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds NOIRROF

2016 Action Plan Public Notice

Walnut Grove Winnie Street Project Combined FONSI-NOIRROF-NOIA Notice

2015 Consolidated Plan Substantial Amendment

Notice of Approval of a Project Under the Section 32 and PRE Programs Located in a Floodplain and Intent to Request Release of Funds

2014 CAPER

2015 County Action Plan Amendment

Anton Arcade Apartments - Finding of No Significant and Intent to Request Release of Funds

Draft Initial Study NSP 43rd Avenue

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

From time to time, the Agency releases Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA’s) or sponsors initiatives for projects which meet certain additional specific criteria. NOFA’s will include the amount of loan funds available, and will specify the type of development sought by the Agency. Selection criteria may include a specific housing need to be met, a particular location, or other requirements of the development being considered for funding under the NOFA.

2017 CDBG NOFA Pre-Application

SB 272

California Senate Bill No. 272, approved on October 11, 2015, requires that all state and local agencies prepare a catalog of enterprise systems, make the catalog publicly available upon request, and also to post the catalog on the local agency’s website. The accompanying list outlines the enterprise systems currently used by the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. Please contact Vickie Smith, Agency Clerk, at 916-440-1363 if you have questions about this item.

Senate Bill 272 Text
SHRA Catalog of Enterprise Systems