County of Sacramento

Affordable Housing Ordinance

On December 8, 2004, the County Board of Supervisors adopted Chapter 22.35 of the Sacramento County Code implementing an affordable housing program. This program applies to all new residential development of five or more units in the unincorporated County.

In general, the program requires the production of 15% of all new housing at levels affordable to low, very-low and extremely-low income households, although there are many options to meet this requirement. County Planning and SHRA staff are developing guidelines and template documents to assist developers, builders, and potential homebuyers interested in the ordinance.

Questions about the Affordable Housing Ordinance may be directed to Christine Weichert at (916) 440-1353 or cweichert@shra.org

City of Sacramento

Mixed Income Housing Ordinance

In October of 2000, the Sacramento City Council adopted City Code 17.190 establishing a Mixed Income Housing Ordinance for New Growth Areas within the City limits. This ordinance requires that any new residential development of ten units or more include an affordable component.

For a developer subject to the ordinance, it is important to contact SHRA staff early in the planning process. SHRA has prepared a Guide to the Mixed Income Housing Ordinance as a starting point for new developers.

Questions about the Mixed Income Housing Ordinance should be directed to Christine Weichert at (916) 440-1353 or cweichert@shra.org