The Sacramento Housing Authority is offering free help for anyone participating in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) or public housing programs, and housing applicants to get information and enroll in an affordable health insurance plan through Covered California before the March 31, 2014 deadline.

Anyone who misses the deadline must wait until the next open enrollment period to apply, which begins October 1, 2014.

Certified enrollment counselors from the Housing Authority are available to explain health plan options, determine eligibility, and help applicants complete the enrollment process. Counselors can also help update household information for anyone who is already enrolled. Anyone currently enrolled in Medi-Cal or Medicare does not need to apply.

To get information or enroll, contact Housing Authority Resident Services by email at residentservices@shra.org, or call (916) 449-6250.

HCV Applicant

Applicants that are on a wait list must notify the Housing Authority of any changes to the family information that was submitted on their HCV or Public Housing pre-application within 30 days of the change.  Changes such as address, email address, family composition, and preferences must all be reported to ensure that you receive notification when you are selected from the wait list, and to ensure you are selected for the correct bedroom size so that your application process can be completed.

To report a change, please re-apply online at www.sacwaitlist.com.

When you re-apply online, please complete the entire application. Your original date of application will be kept and you will be selected from the wait list based on your original date of application (not your re-application date).

If you are on multiple HCV wait lists, you need to re-apply to all of the HCV wait lists that you are on.

If you are on multiple CNV wait lists, you need to re-apply to just one of the CNV wait lists that you are on and SHRA will update your information on all the CVN wait lists that you are on.

If you are on both CNV and HCV wait lists, please update your information for all of your HCV wait lists that you are on, and at least one CNV wait list that you are on.

Helpful Video Resources

The link(s) below will redirect you to an external website that is not maintained by SHRA.

Pasadena Housing and Career Services Department: "How to successfully complete the HCV tenant/landlord application"
Click here to view. 

Choose Where You Want To Live

What’s important to you when choosing your home? A safe neighborhood, good schools, access to public transit, and amenities like parks, retail services, and libraries, etc., are probably your most important priorities.  

SHRA encourages participants in the Housing Choice Voucher program to review information that could help in the decision-making process when choosing their next home.

Click here to review the most recent data available on crime rates by cities, school district rankings, economic indicators highlighting job opportunities in Sacramento County. Please note the linked document is a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets.

Applicant FAQs

Question: How long will I be on a wait list once I apply?

Answer: That will depend on multiple factors and the wait lists for which you applied.

Your positions on the HCV wait lists will depend on how many preference points you have. Your preference points are based on factors such as:
• if you are a resident or work in Sacramento County,
• if someone in your household is disabled,
• if you are rent burdened (the amount of rent you currently pay compared to your income).

Preference points vary for different HCV wait lists.

Your positions on Conventional Housing (CNV) wait lists depend on the date and time that you applied for each CNV wait list.

The frequency and volume of applicants selected from the wait lists vary as well depending on the number of families exiting the program, making way for new program participants.

The best way to insure that you are selected as quickly as possible is to sign up for all wait lists for which you qualify and are interested.

Please notify SHRA in writing within 30 days of any changes to your household, such as:
• a change of address,
• addition or removal of household members, and
• an increase or decrease in income. 

Please also provide SHRA with your email address.

To sign up for any wait list and to report changes, please apply online at www.sacwaitlist.com.