SHRA Homebuyer Program
Approved Lender Requirements

Goal:  To have one approved lender list of licensed, qualified lenders who are trained to offer all Agency homebuyer assistance programs.  Approved lenders will be listed on the Approved Lender List and the Agency web site.

  1. Lender means direct lender, funding lender, or mortgage banker.

  2. Requirements:

    • Licensed to do business in the State of California (in good standing)
    • Licensed (in good standing) per the SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act
    • CalHFA approved lender, or
    • FHA approved lender


  3. How to participate :

    Submit the Lender Application Form with all the required supporting documentation.

    Please note:  Each branch or office that wishes to participate must submit a separate application.

    If approved, the authorized lender or mortgage banker will sign the MCC/Homebuyer Program Participation Agreement and pay the participation fee ($350 initially and $300 yearly renewal).

    Attend SHRA Lender Training.

  4. Ongoing:

    Lenders are subject to an Annual Lender Approval process whereby the Lender’s performance and production will be evaluated.