Emergency Repair Program/Accessibility Modifications

The ERP-A is a program designed to provide grants for emergency/health and safety repairs and accessibility modifications to owners of single family homes or mobile homes in the City and County of Sacramento. An Emergency Repair is a corrective action to resolve an immediate safety or health hazard, dangerous or hazardous building, and fire or health code violation.

Program Features:

  •  a grant which does not require repayment

  • $5,000 maximum assistance

Application Procedure

Call SHRA at (916) 440-1317.  After determining qualifications for the program, a construction technician will call you to schedule an appointment to inspect the property and schedule the work.  The ERP-A program is open and takes applications from June 1st - August 31st, and from December 1st - February 28th.

If you call when the program is closed you may leave a voicemail. Calls will be returned in the order in which they were received. Please do not leave more than one voicemail. 

Beginning in the summer of 2017, SHRA is planning to pilot an online application system. Check back regularly for this update.

Eligible Applicants:

Owner occupants of single family homes or mobile homes in the City and unincorporated County of Sacramento who:

  • have not received more than $5,000 of previous ERP assistance (there is a lifetime limit of $5,000 per grantee)
  • are defined as very low-income households - households with income less than or equal to fifty percent (50%) of the area median income adjust for household size.  Current income limits are:

1-person        $26,000
2-person        $29,700
3-person        $33,400
4-person        $37,100
5-person        $40,100
6-person        $43,050

Eligible Properties:

Single family homes and mobile homes in the City and unincorporated County of Sacramento.  This program is not available in Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, or Rancho Cordova.

Eligible Repairs

Note: SHRA shall make the final determination of an eligible Emergency Repair.


1.         Repair of roof coverings to stop leaks within habitable areas. 

2.         Repairs to hazardous structural framing.

3.         Repair or replacement of roof coatings and/or coverings on mobile homes. 

Note: No full roof replacements allowed except on single-wide mobile homes where absolutely necessary. Double-wide mobile homes are not eligible, as the cost exceeds the grant.

Exterior Entry Doors

1.         Repair of defective doors and associated hardware.

Exterior Windows

1.         Replacement of broken glass in habitable areas.     

2.         Repair / replacement of deteriorated sashes in order to secure glass.

Accessibility (only if immediate safety or health hazard)

1.         Repair of existing steps, walkways, handrails, guardrails and ramps.

2.         Installation of accessibility ramps if needed for homeowner to occupy house upon release from a medical facility.

Water Heaters

1.         Repair / replacement of water heaters that are not working or not working at their rated capacity.

2.         Replacement due to tank leaking beyond repair.

Heating Systems - Cooling Systems

1.         Repair of non-working systems for any heating or cooling system, including floor furnaces, wall furnaces and through-the-wall air conditioning units.

Plumbing Interior

1.        Repair of broken water lines and connectors concealed within walls, ceilings and floors.

2.        Repair of broken sewer drain lines, connectors, clean-outs and vent piping, concealed within walls, ceilings and floors.

3.        Repair of toilet if broken and or leaking through the procelain. 


1.       Repair of service panels, breakers, connections and wiring.

Gas Lines - Natural Gas, CNG, Propane.

1.       Repair of leaking or broken supply lines, connectors, and valves.


1.       Repair of deteriorated sub-flooring and underlayment where a hazardous or a potential hazardous condition exists.