Below are a few of the frequently asked questions about contracting and bidding opportunities with SHRA.

Q. How do I find out about bidding opportunities with SHRA?

A. There are several ways to obtain information about construction or maintenance services bidding opportunities. Notices are posted on our website (www.shra.org) and in Builder’s Exchange and public notices in area newspapers when required.

Q. How do I become a listed vendor with the Agency?

A. The first step is to complete a Vendor’s Application and W-9 form. You can download these documents from our Web site at www.shra.org. If applicable, applicants must be licensed by the state to perform the type of work specified in the Vendor’s Application. Applicants who submit completed and approved documents will be placed into the database and will receive bidding opportunity notifications.

Q. After I obtain a contract with SHRA, can I get help finding subcontractors?

A. Listing of subcontractors is required with bid submission. SHRA can assist with a list of potential subcontractors during the solicitation process.