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Last Updated 11/28/2017
Type of Contracting

(Invitation for Bid)

IFB Number
1st Pre-Bid Mtg Date & Time
(Sign-in Sheet)

2nd Pre-Bid Mtg Date & Time
 (Sign-in Sheet)

Bid Opening Date & Time

 (Bid Results/
Bid Award)

Services  Landscaping Services, Various Locations 2017052-DSdd Sign In Sheet October 2, 2017 Sign In Sheet October 11, 2017 Bid Results October 25, 2017
Construction  1820 Capitol Avenue Improvements   2017054-LGdd Sign In Sheet September 21, 2017  Sign In Sheet September 26, 2017  Bid Award Oct 23, 2017
Construction  PRE - Block 15 2017057-DSdd Sign In Sheet October 16, 2017
Sign In Sheet October 24, 2017
Bid Awarded
Nov 27, 2017

Construction  4741 Whitney Avenue Windows 2017058-DDds Sign In Sheet October 23, 2017
 N/A Bid Awarded Nov. 27, 2017
Construction Services Twin Rivers Tree Removal 2017 2017060-LGdd Sign-In Sheet November 8, 2017 Sign-In Sheet November 14, 2017
Bid Results Nov 28, 2017